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Comfort Food

The Easter Tree!

I have a piece of furniture ... a work bench ... that my husband built for himself several years ago. I was actually amazed when it was finished because it has a highly polished finish on it and actually matches much of the rustic furnishing we have in our house.  I say 'we', but Joe has been gone for almost 8 years.  What to do with his work bench?  That remained a question for a couple of years, but I eventually decided it deserved a special place in our home and should not be hidden away in the 'craft room'.  I moved it around a bit, but finally found the perfect spot.  It sits in the kitchen and it is no longer a work bench.  It is much more fun to decorate it for holidays than to work at it!  I consider all those vignettes as tributes to a man who enjoyed family and holidays.

Joe thought I was crazy the first year I kept a little Christmas tree up after Christmas and said I planned to decorate it for each holiday.  Later in the year, he became genuinely interested in how I would change it and even suggested things like "lilacs for spring ... sunflowers for summer".  I have a small tree on his work bench that I change with the seasons.

Here's the 2019 Easter tree!

 I know ... you can't really see the Christmas tree!  That is the whole idea.

The little plastic baskets remind me of things from my childhood, but they are not that old!  The butterfly was a gift from a friend when I hit 20 years cancer-free!  Bird nests filled with eggs, silk flowers and a few other things are added to galvanized string lights and some ornaments that remain since Christmas!

The little ceramic bunnies sit at the base of the tree ... with a few inspirational quotes!  I'm into words!

A vintage basket joins a new rabbit picture and ceramic birds ... sitting atop a wooden fruit basket.

Lastly, I added some of the new Pioneer Woman jade dinnerware to the vignette.  I bought this because it looks almost exactly like my collection of Fire King Jadite!  I'll show you how much ... in a post later on!  Hope you are ready for Easter ... or hope you are getting ready!  I'll share this post with a couple parties, so check my sidebar and click through.

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