Valentine's Sunday Dinner

In 2019, I have planned to have a monthly Sunday Dinner for my family and will celebrate whatever holiday falls in that month!  Miss Phoebe and I agreed that we might make up some holidays!  This family is so busy, we don't always get to celebrate holidays on the actual date, so this is a fantastic alternative!  In February, we celebrated Valentine's Day two times.  The first time on February 14th at my daughter's house ... and the second time a few days later!

The tablescape was important and it was designed around these collectible Royal Dalton 7 inch plates.  These are beautiful used with any delicate rose china pattern, but Sunday dinners have to be casual, so I used my everyday Temptations!  Red was the theme!

 With the Christmas Tree in the background, this quick composed centerpiece (actually on the end of the table) also includes some of the plates and red lanterns repurposed from Christmas!

The tablescape was simple!  Centerpiece on the end, so we could put lots of food in the center and serve family style!  The red placemats and napkins are from Pier 1 ... winter season!

 The cute heart bread and butte plates are Williams Sonoma "Letters" and are probably intended for appetizers!

Our menu was simple ... Balsamic pork roast, loaded mashed potatoes, fried corn and this easy salad.  We all love marinated artichoke hearts, so when a jar is about half empty, I add a nice flavored vinegar (fig on this day) to it and turn it into a nice salad dressing.  Butter lettuce, baby spinach and cauliflower ... with the artichoke hearts ... made us happy on this day!

My mother always baked a cherry pie for Valentine's Day and I have carried on that tradition!  My cousin recently told me that her mother baked the cherry pie for Washington's birthday!  As long as you get cherry pie!  Skinnie Minnie Phoebe didn't want pie with her meal, but the leftovers went to her house.  Later that day, her mom discovered that she had stood at the kitchen counter and had eaten the last two pieces right out of the pie plate!  

Happy Valentine's Day ... I'll post on a few blog parties, so make sure you click through!

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