Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Valentines in my Living Room!

We actually 'live' in our living room! There is nothing formal or extravagant about it, unlike some of the first homes we lived in!  At first I thought I couldn't survive without a formal living room but after 35 years in this house ... I'm fine with it!

I have a few spots in my home that I always decorate for holidays!  There are times that the holidays run together, because I love all these little vignettes!  I'm posting a couple pictures from the top of a cabinet in the living room!

Here's that favorite spot with a fusion of Christmas and Valentine's Day!  I love my natural trees!  Had to leave at least one of them out, especially since it is wrapped in red burlap!

Here are the elements of the vignette!  I found that "love you" sign not long after Joe died.  Sometimes it kills me to look at it, but I have it displayed all the time.

The next picture has nothing to do with this little tablescape!  My favorite Valentine basket went with me to visit the local adult daycare center.  I visit almost every week and read a story and pass out some treats!  One of the ladies pays special attention to my baskets, so I take a different one each week!

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