Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Abayomi Dolls!

I learned about these  cute dolls from an Activity Director at one of the skilled nursing facilities that I work with.  When I saw the dolls that she made with the residents, I knew I had to teach Phoebe how to make them!  I had been planning a special supper themed around African foods, so these dolls just fit right in with the theme.

"Abayomi" is the name of a traditional African rag doll made from scrap material ... knots tied on rags.  The dolls have been around for over three-hundred years in certain parts of Africa and are known to bring happiness and kindness.  No stitches or glue are used to make these dolls!

To see a video about making these sweet dolls, you can visit

I love the way the expressionless faces look.  I created hair on a couple of our dolls and tied different styles of scarves.  Individuality is what makes them so neat!

I'm sharing the above picture so you can see that it is simply a matter of making a few knots and ties to create something special.

If you'd like to see the "Safari Supper" blog post that goes along with our dolls, go to
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