Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Words of Love

I think a lot about my parents this time of year.  Birthdays, anniversaries, family holidays ... all those things bring their memories to life.

Both my parents were creative. Daddy could build anything. Mother was creative in the kitchen and with words. Words matter.  Mother had learned Latin as a child and she taught us to break down words using Latin. She believed that if you could break words apart and knew the meaning of the parts ... that you could understand broader meanings and spell any difficult word!

I guess she was right.  She raised pretty smart kids and this one loves writing! She raised a writer, and I've raised a writer!  I'm hopeful that our Phoebe learns to enjoy writing!  She can tell tall tales, and I think that is the beginning of honing the skill!

I love the ways we can incorporate words into our daily life. Quotations, decorative signs, simple printed cards and of course the love of blogging and other forms of social media offer us a huge variety of ways to share ... words.

Here are some of my latest ways to inspire with words.  Enjoy!

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