Comfort Food

Comfort Food


We celebrated Valentine's Day in a restaurant this year, and we usually have a family dinner.  That made me want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at my house! We always celebrated my daddy's March 18th birthday with a St. Patrick's theme. He's been gone a few years, but I still like to think the cake is all for him! 

Since Phoebe has really started paying attention to tablescapes and themes, I try to make them extra special with real meaning.  "Inspire" was the word theme this time!  I didn't inspire her to eat. Instead this meal inspired her to go decorate her bedroom (at my house) for Easter!  Whatever works!

Our centerpiece was composed with a few things that I had in different places throughout the house.  However, Phoebe and I had just recently found the Belleek candle holder and the tiny Irish cottage ornament at our favorite collectible shop!

Our little purple grape room is back to being a tiny dining room. I designed it fifteen years ago as a "wining women" room!  A place for gathering and sipping.  Phoebe came along and it was transformed to a room where we could have a baby bed.  Now we are back to wine and food, so we christened it with a St. Patrick's Day family dinner!  The chocolate cake made with a bottle of Irish beer might have been the focal point of the traditional corned beef meal! Actually, "traditional" it was not.  I cooked the corned beef in the crock pot until it was fork tender and served it with a brown sugar grainy mustard glaze.  Instead of cooking cabbage, potatoes and carrots with the meat ... I made tiny smashed potatoes and broiled them with a smokey Gouda pimento cheese topping. I stir fried the cabbage and thinly sliced carrots so they would be crisp tender.

Our place setting was casual.  Pioneer Woman polka dotted plates; honeybee flatware is Cambridge. Don't you love the Celtic knot napkin rings?  I like to use a sheer fabric when I want a tablecloth on this table, so we can still tell that it has a glass top.

Hope you had a lucky St. Patrick's Day!  I think any time Phoebe visits me ... I am a lucky grandma!

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