Phoebe's Thanksgiving Tablescape!

My daughter often says, "my job is done", when Phoebe demonstrates that she has learned something really important to our family life!  Usually that pertains more to her interest in music or movies from the past ... or her interest in technology!  On Thanksgiving, I thought "my job is done", when Phoebe came in the front door carrying a box and proclaimed that nobody was to go into the dining room until she was finished!  She had some decor to add to the table.  Take a look!

Don't assume that Phoebe had her holidays confused!  Her mama had been teaching her about the long history of Thanksgiving Day and the fact that George Washington had proclaimed the holiday in 1789.  We've also been having lots of conversations lately about the importance of our flag and the National Anthem and how all these things represent the freedom we have in the USA.
So ... it was important for Phoebe to include flags on our tablescape ... and the quill pen is just like the pilgrims used.

Our Thanksgiving tablescape included turkeys ... one wearing teal pearls around her neck!

I have been collecting cornucopia baskets for years and these little tiny ones are part of my collection!  This year I placed them on Pioneer Woman coasters and filled them with candy.

There is almost always a pig on my tablescape! Thanksgiving is no exception!


You might recognize this checked table cloth as a Pioneer Woman piece.  I left all my turkey dinnerware on the shelves this year and used the new PW Willow pattern for Thanksgiving.  I'm trying not to buy everything I see made by PW, but when I saw the large platter, I bought it.  When I realized what a nice turkey platter it would make, I bought the dinner plates and gigantic mugs!

I decided to add some flowers to my turkey shaped napkin rings, so they would look cute with the Willow pattern!  The pearls on the turkey in the centerpiece, set the overall theme!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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