Comfort Food

Comfort Food


I was doing a pretty good job avoiding any big purchase of the Pioneer Woman's dinnerware.  It is all beautiful, but I don't need any ... She got me, though!  
The yellow polka dots did me in!

I had yellow polka dot flatware and I've done other yellow dot tables, so I already had a couple yards of fabric.  When I saw this dinnerware pattern, I knew I had a cute tablescape ... or several cute tablescapes! You'll see this many times in my future posts.

I also liked the fact that the flowers included the big teal cabbage roses ... or maybe they are peonies.  Whatever they are ... you don't see that color in nature.  I think Kipling wrote about blue roses. I remember being the only kid in my high school literature class who knew that there were no blue roses!

Since that was over 40 years ago, I guess we could have blue roses now! I have them on my table, and that makes me happy!

Miss Phoebe was supposed to help me decorate this table, but she got engrossed in a movie, so I was on my own.  I decided to use jars for vases. The one in the top right of this collage is one she painted a couple years ago.  If you'd like to see more about that project, go to Autumn Jars.   The Ball jar was a gift from my daughter, filled with yummies.

If you'd like to see the meal that was served on this pretty table, visit Cajun Chicken Dinner!  I'll be sharing this post with a couple of the parties on my sidebar, so make sure you go by and see all the other party girls!

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