I had a delicious meal in a restaurant a few weeks ago while traveling.  It reminded me of a catfish meal I had several years ago in Baton Rouge. I told the waitress that I would love the recipe and she just stood by my table and told me exactly how the chef made Cajun Chicken in a cream sauce.  I couldn't believe it!

I decided that I would make this entree for a family dinner and each of us practically licked our plates!  You know that  feeling ... when the sauce is so good you could nearly drink it!?

Here's the recipe for my knock-off Cajun Chicken in a Cream Sauce!

I find that the Creole blends of spices are a little less peppery than Cajun blends, so I prefer Tony Chachere's!

Dredge chicken breast tenders in the spice blend ... use as much as you like ... I did a mild coating on just one side.  Saute the tenders in butter until they are done. When the tenders are close to done, add sliced sweet red peppers to the pan and begin to saute those.  Add a couple sliced green onions to the skillet. Remove the tenders and set them aside ... and add 1 cup of chicken broth to the pan and bring to a low simmer.  Add 1 cup of parmesan cheese (the shake from the round box kind) and 1 cup of half and half. Let this sauce simmer until it thickens slightly.  Add 1 to 2 cups of tiny pre-cooked salad shrimp and heat through.

Isn't that about as simple as it gets?  I served my chicken with fettucini noodles and delicious fried corn.  First, though, we had a nice crisp wedge salad.

This wedge salad is simply topped with strawberry poppy seed dressing and bleu cheese.  The sweet red pepper is a nice addition.  We love them!

I'll probably share this post with a couple parties in my sidebar.  If you'd like to see the tablescape for this meal, visit Pioneer Woman on MyTable.

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