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Outlander is Back!

I'm repurposing this post from 2016.  It will be #6 in the Slice of Pie Tablescapes Series!  I'm posting this series during December, but not every tablescape will be about Christmas!  However, I had a Scotland themed Christmas dining room a couple years ago because we planned to have a themed dinner all about the movie Mary Queen of Scots!   You can click on the menu booklet for that dinner at the bottom of my home page!  I'll post that tablescape a little later.  In the meantime, enjoy my tribute to Outlander!

I'm a big fan of the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon and a bigger fan of the television series. You probably know that the second season premiered this past Saturday night! Last summer, I read the entire series of books ... and all of the novellas, too!

It doesn't take much for me to come up with a tablescape or special theme for meals. I'm sharing my Outlander theme with you today! While I was so enthralled by Outlander last summer, I also ran across some freebie graphics from, so I want to give them credit, since I used a couple of things from their site.  The blue tartan background in these first couple pictures is my own family's Douglas tartan. The red and green plaid is the Fraser tartan.  If you are not an Outlander follower, this post probably won't mean much to you!

I'm not going to share too much information about the things that are coming later in the story ... but my tablescape represents much of what is in the books/shows to come!  Enjoy!

The table was very casual and the long strand of ribbon is actually the modern Fraser dress tartan. The leaves represent the title of one of the books ... Drums at Autumn ...  I often showcase themes in composed centerpieces and in this case, I built it on the end of the table, so we would have plenty of space for platters of food.  The wooden tote in the back is filled with additional pieces of the dinnerware that I used ... the whisky keg represents Jamie's Frazer whisky that comes when they settle in America ... the small baskets represent the many baskets Claire used to gather her medicinal herbs and garden vegetables.

The wooden tray is handmade and hand engraved.  The wooden candlestick was a Christmas present this past year ... and both remind me of 18th century rustic items.

Tucked into the centerpiece is another item that my daughter gave me for Christmas.  This is an authentic Scottish wooden porridge spirtle (or spurtle) ... used to stir the very thick staple on Jamie and Claire's table!

A note about my little whisky keg. It came from a cooper's shop in the Smokey Mountains ... possibly very near the location of Fraser's Ridge!

The dinnerware in the place setting is something I've had for years. The scenes in the center of the pieces remind me of the farm village in the mountains where Jamie and Claire eventually settle!  Yes, they go from Scotland to France and then to America at the time of the Revolution!

Take a look at the farm scenes on this Memory Lane ironstone. It was made in the 1950s.  I placed it on mats that are Paris streetscapes. There would be no way that Paris looked like this in 1745 ... but they are cute and fun. Everybody gets a place card at my table ... sometimes! This card is embellished with a round of heather!  There is plenty of red in this tablescape ... because we are going to see Claire in a magnificent red dress at a very formal event in King Louie's Court! Just wait and see!

Here's the easy menu for our little event! 

I'll be sharing this fun with a few parties listed on my timeline ... so make sure you browse around and visit those sites!  Beware of the standing stones!

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