Blue Pumpkins for Birthday Dinner!

I'm repurposing this post as # 7 in the Slice of Pie Tablescapes Series!  I'm posting this series during December, but not all the tablescapes are for Christmastime.  Tuck these ideas away for next fall ... or at my house we love pumpkins all year round!  


My daughter had a birthday and Miss Phoebe had a day off school that we spent together! Phoebe and I fixed a nice dinner and decorated a pretty table. We've been making all kinds of things this fall ... including blue pumpkins! I hope you've cooked some of the real blue pumpkins. They have a unique flavor ... a little sweeter that our typical orange pumpkins.

Here are the pumpkins we used on the table. They were simple to make ... just made a tube of fabric ... cinched one end and gathered the other end. I stuffed mine with the contents of an old bed pillow ... pulled the gathering threads to a tight cinch and sewed the end to secure it. My stem is a cinnamon stick; my leaves are burlap with the edges pulled ... and we added a button flower for good looks! We used twine to create the rib sections of the pumpkins, then tied the ends in knots. Aren't they cute?

We added several sections of these pretty blue satin leaves to our composed centerpiece. I bought lots of the leaves at my favorite local museum 'general store' and you'll see them again as Thanksgiving draws near! Then you'll see the a third time at Christmastime! 

Here's our centerpiece!

Here's our tablescape!

In keeping with our farm setting ... I used our blue geese napkin rings. We all love our dogs and had Labradors for several years, so we have Lab flatware and a set of Lab dinnerware that I'll show you another time!

This dinnerware is the pattern "Heartland".  The beautiful designs are by Charles Wysocki and the dinnerware was produced by Nikko.

What I love most about it is the fact that there are four seasonal depictions. This one is "Autumn".

Our birthday dinner was great and Miss Phoebe helped cook and decorate the cake ... and set the table! I have a great son-in-law, who just plays along with all our tablescaping ventures! long as we feed him!

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