Judy's Christmas Inspiration Mini Book

I am blessed with two older brothers who married women who are also my best friends!  Not every family can say that ... but we can!  This year, I decided I would make each of them a mini book ... filled with Christmas inspiration. I filled the books with sentiments about being a grandmother ... the job we all love most!  I'm showing the mini books in two separate posts ... You'll find the one for my "Blue Bird Sister-in-law" within this post ... and you'll find the one for my other sister-in-law at this link ... "Cowgirl Sister-in-law"!

My sister-in-law Judy ... loves blue birds and has been successful in building houses that they come back to every year. I'm not good with birds ... other than to throw some food out for them when it snows! When I found a set of scrapbook pages that were blue prints of flowers and birds ... I knew it was for Judy!

I used a blue snow background for the pages I created in Publisher. The bells and bird are from a set of card making supplies and the vintage ribbon is in my collection.  The tiny plastic pine cones came from a candle ring that I picked up at a junk store!  Actually, I bought 9 of them!

I used the Cricut Elegant Edges die to cut these pages and cut several other elements with Cricut ... used several Christmas dies.  I designed the inserted pages using some clip art I purchased from Creative Market.

I don't care if my facing pages mirror each other ... but I try to make them match in some way. I added some cut fern fronds to this page (lower left) with layered burlap flowers.

Mother Teresa said, "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.  I just wish that He didn't trust me so much!"  The window box is filled with pearl enhanced poinsettias ... and the leaves are added gems.

Several of the pages of scrapbook paper had beautiful full page designs that I didn't want to lose, so I started my cut carefully.  To this page ... I added the bird on the top branch ... and the ribbon, twine and gems to the bird nest. I have found many bird nests at the end of the season ... filled with things my critters have robbed from outdoor wreaths or floral arrangements on my deck! I love to find that the birds liked my creations as much as I did!

I love the layered look of the Christmas presents ... and the pearl sets them off!

The blue paper roses add so much depth to the page. Notice the vintage ribbon!

More birds in the following collage!  The ribbon and old lace make each page special.

I love the butterfly pages ... the raised bugs are from a Martha Stewart collection and I bought a batch of lace butterfies online ... I ran it through my Xyron sticker maker so it adheres to the page.

Notice the water dripping in the garden fountain in the following collage!

More birds ... more butterflies ... more paper roses and burlap flowers!

 "Sisters by Marriage ... Friends by Choice!"

I'll be sharing this post with some of the parties on my sidebar, but before you move on ... make sure you visit my other mini book post for my sister-in-law, Carol.  Click right here!

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