Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Valentines on the Fireplace Mantel!

I hadn't planned on doing anything this year for Valentine's Day! We are taking Miss Phoebe to a Valentine Dinner Dance and I didn't think I needed to have a family dinner. Wow, was I ever wrong. When we were shopping the other day, she found something she thought I should have to decorate the table for my Valentine party! When I told her I thought we would just go to the dinner dance, she almost cried in the middle of the craft store! So, you guessed it! I'm having a Valentine dinner! Here's the fireplace mantel ... all ready to set the pace in the dining room.  I'll get the rest of the room done later, but wanted to get this much done, so I could join in the Valentine Link Up at Laurie's

I covered the mantel with this pretty deep rose lace fabric, from my stash! It is dotted with silver and it really sparkles in the dim light! The metallic streamer is from the dollar store!

We made these cute valentine squares and clipped them to the lace. The papers are Martha Stewart. Cricut has been busy at my house this winter! We added rhinestone hearts and ribbon streamers. Remember to watch the real fireplace flames, when you decorate this way.

While the elements are the same, each square is different ... and really cute!

 The big "Love You" card is a 12 inch scrapbook page. I added the words and attached it to a 12 inch chip board sheet, so it would stand up. The flameless candles add a little more glimmer!

I'll share this post with a few parties, but first with the
Valentine Link Up at Laurie's

Be sure you click through to see the other decor! Cannot wait!

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