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Comfort Food

Remembering with a Mini Scrapbook

I'm all ready to create memories this weekend! Miss Phoebe really wanted a Valentine party dinner at my house, even though we are going to a Valentine Dinner Dance. So, we'll party and we'll remember it all by finishing this adorable mini scrapbook that I made.

I have trouble putting all the Christmas trees away, so I'm keeping this cute one out and decorating it for the other happy holidays! A few Cricut cut valentines and a pretty flower are all it needed. I left the red/white lights on it from Christmas. Might have to change those to green in a few weeks! ... That's Daniel Boone in the background ... think a scallywag has his son, Israel!

It makes a cute coffee table vignette ... just sitting there looking so cute!

The tree's decorations are pretty simple.  Just cut several hearts from metallic red paper ... and made another flower for a topper.

I like dimension and depth on my scrapbook covers. This one has a flower with petals shaped like valentines ... and I usually use a little needle and thread to make the bows ... I used three different ribbons for this one and embellished it with a faux rhinestone red heart!

I made the pages for this 6x6 inch book by gluing two pieces of scrapbook paper together, so there is no plain backside showing. By doing that, I can create big pockets that I simply fold around the edges of the paper before I glue the backside to it.  Easy ... and big enough to slip a picture in or a program booklet ...

Here are pages with small pockets ... and 
tags embellished with ribbon and rhinestones!

Here are a couple more examples of pockets. The one on top is a 6x6 inch piece of paper, with one corner folded down and glued ... then I folded the other two edges around the edges of the main page piece of paper ... glued the backside piece of paper in place ... then punched all of it to stabilize the pocket even more. It covers about half the page.

The pocket in the bottom photo is done the same way ... but the pocket was cut from a scrap of a 12x12 inch piece of paper that I had. I don't trash very much scrapbook paper! I think these pockets look better when they are bound in ... and that certainly makes them stronger. This pocket size lets us stick all kinds of big things in it ... like a dinner menu card, movie ticket stubs, program booklets, big pictures ... or laminated newspaper clippings ... all without gluing them down.  (I was at an event not long ago and heard an elderly man talking about how his mother had made a scrapbook of all his sports activities from his childhood ... and how she had glued down his baseball cards ... that would be very valuable now!)  Sometimes we just shouldn't glue it down!

I'll be sharing this post with a few parties and I sure hope you'll click through to see the other posts.  I'll be back in a few days with more Valentine posts, too ... so make sure you check in again!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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