I've Got the Blues!

Oh, my!  I have been so busy this summer ... that I haven't done anything in my house.  In fact, if the vacuum cleaner didn't almost run itself, that wouldn't have gotten done either!  My little team of teachers and I have taught over 1,000 people how to cook ... in 5 counties ... day and night classes.  We've published a couple special newspapers filled with recipes ... a little cookbook with favorite recipes in it ... and created a set of 1800 recipe cards for the students.  Oh, wow!

So, when I saw these cute cobalt blue canisters in one of our local stores a week ago, I just knew I needed them to kind of launch what needs to be a month of deep cleaning and getting ready for fall.   That sounds good, but I really only have a week to get all that done ... because I start another big consulting project on August 27th.   So, for now ... enjoy this splash of cobalt blue.  Eventually, my sunroom will be filled with more of this pretty stuff ... and I'll post more pictures!

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