Moss Roses for Joe!

 My husband loved Moss Roses.  His mother had a flower bed built around a big Maple tree in the back yard.  It was edged with bricks and the whole thing was filled with Moss Roses and Irises.    She could make anything grow, unlike me!  Joe always said she covered that flower bed with leaves every winter and the Moss Roses came up on their own each spring.   So, for the past 36 years, I've grown Moss Roses in beds and in pots ... and babied the stinkers to get them to bloom!  One of our dogs enjoyed eating the red and pink ones, so I learned to put them in pots on tables to keep Shiner from eating them!   This year, I think I've found a perfect spot for them ... and the perfect pot!   I'll keep you posted.  So far ... so good! 

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