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A Princess in the Tree!

Yes, that is a princess in the tree ... in her heels!
We had a teal blue Mother's Day on my daughter's back deck.  Phoebe helped set this pretty table and made the centerpiece!   She was so proud that she cut the flowers from the bush in the back yard.

Nicole's dinnerware is QVC Temptations, a new recently unveiled!  The yellow stems are probably 20 years old ... she took them from my stash!  The dip on the corner of the table is Cajun Catfish Dip and will be in my next cookbook ... which I am entitling, "My Brother's Catfish"!   Brother drops barrel nets in the Big Muddy River in Southern Illinois and recently caught an 80-pound Blue Catfish ... so I'm preparing about 40 catfish recipes this summer to put in the book!   It doesn't take much to entertain us!