Comfort Food

Comfort Food

The Back Deck is Filled with Chickens, Pigs and Rabbits!

Pigs-Washboards-Chickens in the Garden!

For the last couple years, I've wanted to use my small collection of wash boards in my flower garden.  I have an old wash tub and a few other vintage pieces that helped me blend it all together.
My pink pig was a gift from my sister years ago.  Piggy has been gray, hot pink and now is a soft real piggy pink!

The old tub is a 1950 vintage and belonged to my husband's grandmother.  We've always used it for summer parties ... to ice down watermelon!  The red bird house is a new acquisition and the roof is made out of a piece of an old tire.

 I've been unloading all kinds of storage spots because I've opened up a big booth in an antique mall. When I ran across my collection of little chicken teapots, I decided to use them in my flower boxes.  I always think the boxes look empty until the flowers really fill out, so adding the chix filled those empty spaces!

 I have new cushions this season and, of course, had to use lots of red!   I've had some of my wrought iron furniture for almost 30 years.    When some of it has been damaged in storms, I've just taken it to the welding shop!   You cannot go wrong with wrought iron!

 I always use a few faux flowers on the deck.  Red poppies, geraniums and a few pink and cream colored accents ... have been great for entertaining.

 I love quirky things, so filling an old pair of pink patent boots with silk flowers was a natural for me!   Sure is a conversation piece!

 Thanks for stopping by.  I'm going to post with several of the parties in my sidebar, so make sure you click through to see the other posts! hope you have enjoyed the month of June.  Can you believe it's almost over?

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