A New Magazine!

You asked for it! A new series of online magazines to feed your creativity! You'll find good food and great ideas to entertain your family and friends! Hope you enjoy the tablescapes, ideas for celebrations, recipes and a pinch of food history!

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Format has Recently Changed. Content is still WONDERFUL!

Get to Know Me a Little Better!

I'm changing my life these days! I'm still a very happy grandmother and an author of three cookbooks, but I've given up my newspaper cooking column and have shifted to blogging on a regular basis! What fun to be able to hear from people all over the world who enjoy what I love to share. This site is dedicated to all things life styling! You'll find tablescapes, party menus, recipes, pictures and stories about my perfect Miss Phoebe and all the things we love to do together. I hope you visit my sister site that is dedicated to my newest venture! I've set up a double booth at my favorite antique mall in St. Mary's, Missouri. St. Mary's is just a few minutes south of St. Genevieve ... a perfect little French Colonial community that is quite the tourist spot. Here's hoping you'll continue to follow all the things I'm doing ... and always let me know what you think!