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Valentine 2011 Tablescape

Last year, we had a couple valentine dinner parties and
I'm re-posting pictures from the more formal event!  
I always enjoy using my collection of Cape Cod glassware ... even though one of those glasses is not Cape Cod!  Can you find it?

Candle light is always beautiful and I loved the black background on the table cloth.

I'm posting with Tablescape ThursdayPotpourri Friday and Laurie's Valentine Party.  Make sure you click through to see the other posts, but check out my home page and take a look at my cooking videos.  Chicken Marsala makes a great Valentine dinner!


  1. Looks like you are ready for a romantic dinner. Happy Valentine's Day! ~ sarah

  2. I can't find it. I even enlarged the photos, but I still couldn't spot it. You did a really good job of masking the fact that one is not like the others! Mmmm....chicken marsala sounds wonderful! I was just thinking about it earlier today. I think I might make it this weekend. I don't get to have a Valentine's celebration with my hubby because he'll be at work (like always!), but my best friend loves it so maybe I'll invite her over! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a sweet Valentine's Day!

  3. Love that you are an event planner that loves to plan your own family events the best. Love your blog filled with pie slices and cherries. Can't wait to visit you more often. I'm your latest follower. Happy Valentine's Day. ~CJ

  4. Wow - want to be invited to one of your parties! That's a totally awesome tablescape and just a little different from many others. Love it!

  5. Beautiful tablescape! Thank you for linking it to my Valentine party! laurie

  6. Great table...love all of your sparkling glassware! Your cherry side panels are perfect for this holiday!!! Happy Valentine's Days.

  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely tablescape at Potpourri Friday!


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