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Comfort Food

Sissy's Pink Roses

All my followers know what a pink rose china nut I am!  Normally, I'm looking for the old Moss Rose patterns, but when my favorite antique store owner told me he had a set of china for me ... I knew it would be fantastic!   It is American made Style House from the 1950s in the Dresden Bouquet pattern.   The most fantastic part of this recent find is the fact that it is 12 place settings with extra cups and saucers, all the serving pieces you could possibly need ... and there isn't a mark on it!  It seems brand new.

Right now it is on the hutch, so I can just gaze at it as I go by ... but it won't be long before I set a table with it!  It actually has doubles in the serving pieces, even an extra cream and sugar!
That means I can set two family-style tables.

My addiction to dishes came from my Aunt Evelyn, who we lovingly called "Sissy" because she was our daddy's baby sister and that is what he called her!   The rose in the following collage caught my eye at the supermarket the other day, mostly because of the jar it is in.  Sissy had a beautiful rose garden because she bought a home that had belonged to a couple who had a flower shop and grew many of the flowers they used.  We never had enough vases for the roses, so we'd grab just about anything to use.   Tea parties and suppers under Sissy's shade trees were almost always adorned with roses.  This made me think of Sissy.

The rose, by the way, is silk ... not real.  As I left the supermarket with propped up in my cart, I paused to put some money in the soup pots for our local food pantry.  That is a fundraiser that our university football players always do on Super Bowl weekend.  One of the big husky players complimented my rose and I let him smell it!  As we all laughed, I put a generous donation in the other big husky football players soup pot and they got so excited about the amount ... they both hugged and squeezed me!   I think I was tackled!  What great guys.

I'm participating in Pink Saturday and the Home Sweet Home Party, so don't forget to click through to see the other posts!  Make sure you check out my home page to look at my other posts.  I have some videos running with some great recipes and cooking hints!


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