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Comfort Food

Phoebe Got Her First Bicycle!

My grandbaby, Phoebe, got her first bicycle today and we sure did have lots of fun!   Here she is with her mama trying to keep up with her ... and keep her out of the mud that the city sewer workers left behind a couple weeks ago!

Now, it is important to know that this first bike had to be blue ... her favorite color!  Her Grandpa said it had to be a Schwinn ... and I said it had to have a bell, tassels and a basket ... although they put these cute little satchels on them these days!   A trip to to the toy store ... and we found the bike that met all the criteria!  It is called "Rosebud" ... and look at the cute flower shaped pedals!

We found a blue helmet ... that she calls a "helmote" ... with the Princesses on it ... and flashing lights, too!  I got knee pads and elbow pads, which she'll probably never wear again ... but the "racing gloves" were a big hit!   So, while her daddy put some extra air in the tires, she got all dressed and appeared in full regalia!  She got on it and tested it a little ... then they moved to the sidewalk in front of their house ... where she will only be allowed to ride with a parent!   As her daddy brought her back downhill, she had to stop ... get off ... and pet the neighbor's dog that was being walked!   We couldn't believe that ... although I don't know why ... she is a dog lover!   How do you like those striped leggings?  Everything must match, you know!

Another memory made!  Hope you enjoyed sharing this little event with us!

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