C is for Coconut Cake!

C is for coconut ... and coconut cake is Big Daddy's favorite!   My husband has two favorite cakes and this is the number one!   I make it a couple times a year to celebrate our anniversary and during the Christmas holidays ... from fresh coconut, using the milk and grating the coconut!  It actually requires 2 coconuts to get enough fresh coconut to put between the 4 layers and all over the cake!

It is one of those cakes that gets better if it sits a couple days ... but it seldom does at our house!  I'm linking with Alphabet Thursday, so make sure you click through to see all the other posts!


A New Magazine!

You asked for it! A new series of online magazines to feed your creativity! You'll find good food and great ideas to entertain your family and friends! Hope you enjoy the tablescapes, ideas for celebrations, recipes and a pinch of food history!