Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Z is for Zither!

Z is for Zither!

This picture is of my Grandfather Schuster's family.  He is identified by the turquoise arrow and his mother by the red arrow.  His parents, Fredrich and Louisa Marie Petri Schuster married in 1883 in St. Clair County, Illinois.  This picture is of their adult family of ten children and a couple of their  grandchildren.  (Sorry the picture is poor quality.)

This is my Great Grandmother Louisa's zither that was in my grandparents' attic my entire childhood.  My Grandfather kept it because it had originally belonged to his Grandmother Catherine Elizabeth Schmiersahl Petri.  When I was a child, he would let me strum the strings ... but it could never be tuned because it was so old!  It had been well-loved and frequently played by these two women.  During my lifetime, it has always looked like this!   I have displayed it in my home for 35 years, since my grandparents died.  My Great Grandmother was born in 1861, so I suspect that this instrument dates to 1820.

This zither was made in Germany ... and zithers remain the National Instrument of Germany!

My old zither has been the inspiration of many dinner parties ... and the conversation over wine!  It instilled an interest in playing guitar in me ... can't say that I ever mastered that, though! 

I've embedded a video of a man playing a zither like mine ... I don't know him, but he's good!  Turn up your volumn and enjoy!  I've linked with Alphabet Thursday so make sure you click through to enjoy the other posts ... but watch my video first!  Thanks to our hostess, Jenny ... and to this wonderful musician!

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