Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Eggs with Legs

She was awakened by a boom of thunder.  Rain was pouring in her open bedroom window.  Her mind was swirling from the nightmare that repeated itself time and time again in her restless slumber.  She had spent Good Friday cooking for Saturday's family reunion.  Her assignment was to make deviled eggs that she prefers to call 'angeled' during the Easter season.  Angeled eggs for 75 people is more than one egg-hater should be assigned.  The eggs were walking in her nightmare.  They all had legs, some had faces, but most were headless.  They were walking in circles, lost and looking for a place to hide from the big silver pot of boiling water.   They screamed and ran hopelessly from the cook.  She opened the refrigerator to retrieve more eggs and screamed at the sight of Satan in blue velvet.  The thunder boomed and she was awake ... saved from Satan.

I've linked to Jenny's Saturday Centus so make sure you click through to see the other posts!  She challenged us to write 100 words about this guy! 

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