Pinecones and Chili!

We had a nice Saturday night chili supper by the fire.  I used my Pinecone pattern ironstone made by Towncraft for Cabelas.  It is really heavy, appropriate for soups and chili ... and works well through the winter.  In 2009, I used it for one of my Christmas dinner party tables with cabin style decor and lanterns surrounded by pine boughs and pine cones. 

My green Depression Glass leaves are the perfect bowls for dessert.  I have a dozen of these and they are probably actually candy dishes, but they look great in this tablescape!   The red stemmed glasses are heavy enough to fit the theme.

I picked up some really big pine cones last fall to specifically use with this dinnerware.  Southern Illinois is full of huge stands of pine trees.  I filled a couple hurricanes with them  and flanked a tall centerpiece of curly willow branches that I used years ago in a garden show entry!   Yes, I keep everything!

The special pieces on the table include the leaf bowls, napkin rings that include tiny pinecones with the polka dot napkins.  I love all polka dots!   The real pinecones stand out ... and the Cambridge flatware in the pinecone pattern adds a special touch to perfect this tablescape theme! 

Our dinner with Miss Phoebe and her daddy was warm, cozy and filling and tasty!  It was 9 degrees outside, with a little snow on the ground, but comfortable inside!

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