For the Pet Party!

This is Junior …Louis Shiner Junior Moore to be exact.  He is the love of my life.  I have loved many dogs, but this guy is attached to my hip and has been for almost ten years!  He’s a registered Labrador  ... .came out of championship stock … but we never cared about that.   My husband needed to have him … to replace another love of our lives (Louie) … and he loves my husband … but he is attached to me!

This guy is another matter. His name is MeMutt … actually James Mutt Moore … named after my father and middle named Mutt because that is what he is. I made a bit of a mistake getting him but I wouldn’t trade him for a hundred others!

My dad always raised dogs … generally registered hounds for hunting. He named many dogs after my husband … and my husband reciprocated! The names Jim and Joe have been parts of lengthy names of many of the family pets.

When Daddy reached his 80s, he didn’t have dogs anymore … but always said he would get another one. When he was 89, he talked all winter about getting a dog … so when I walked into the “farm store” one Saturday morning and saw these little Lab mix dogs, I couldn’t resist taking one. It was stupid of me … my dad and husband liked full breed dogs … but I just thought the timing was right. Within two weeks, my daddy died and MeMutt came to live with us! We call him MeMutt because Miss Phoebe couldn’t say Jimmy Mutt!

So my boys have grown to love each other … they are quite different and don’t always agree … but at the end of the evening they can be found snoozing side by side!

I've linked to the Pet Party ... so make sure you click thru the icon on the left and visit the other posts.  Thanks to our hostess.  Enjoy!

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