Warm Wines for the Season!

You can find hundreds of mulled wine recipes on the internet, and you probably already have a favorite.  I've included one of mine in this post.  There are some important tipes to making good warm wine drinks --  don't let the wine boil;  the crock pot is a good way to keep it simmering, but not boiling.  In fact, you can turn the pot off after the wine comes to temperature and it will stay warm for a couple more hours in the pot.   I think that garnishes are everything so make sure you add a few berries to each mug/cup or drop in a piece of orange peel and a cinnamon stick stirer is a must!  I sweeten my drinks with honey or  Agave syrup because I think that makes a smoother taste than sugar.  I frequently add a vanilla bean to the mix or add a little vanilla extract as I'm ready to serve the drink. Some drinks are enhanced by a pat of butter floating on each top.

Cozy Blueberry Cocktail

Simmer a bottle of blueberry wine, 1 cup of fruit flavored brandy, a handful of freshor dried  blueberries, a sliced lemon (with the peel), 3 Tablespoons honey and a couple cinnamon sticks.

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