Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Butterball Turkey Fryer

If any of you is pondering the purchase of the new Butterball Turkey Fryer ... go for it!  I've been frying turkeys for years ... in a gas fryer ... then in a big electric fryer ... and  I bought this smaller fryer this fall for a couple of reasons.  It requires less oil and it was small enough to use in the house.  (My other electric fryer could be used inside ... but was too big for my comfort level.)

The other thing I liked about this fryer was that the basket holds the turkey in a more secure way ... and it looks good.  The way the larger fryer works is that the turkey kinds of swims around in the oil and his legs and wings would go all over the place!

So, here's the finished product!  When I drained the oil, it looked like less than 1/4 a cup was absorbed into the bird.  Frying doesn't mean you have to have some spicy flavor ... I injected mine with butter and apple cider and seasoned the outside with salt, pepper and sage.   You don't have to inject them ... they are tender and juicy without injections.

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