Fritters and Patties!

My daughter makes incredibly delicious pork fritters, the German way!  She pounds the pork tenderloin meat into a nearly plate sized piece of meat, double dredges it in four, egg and breadcrumbs …  and flavors it with her own blend of spices.  I don’t go to that much trouble, but what I have recently learned from her is that the meat is much more delicious if you spread it with prepared horseradish and grainy mustard before you dip it the first time.  For me, the first dip is in an egg wash.  Then I dredge it in seasoned breadcrumbs.  I season plain breadcrumbs with dried parsley flakes, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper. I use thin slice pork tenderloin, often sold as boneless breakfast chops.  I pan fry my fritters in a little bit of canola oil.

On this day, it is what I did in the remaining oil that was more delicious than the pork fritters.  Earlier in the week, I had baked a couple medium sized sweet potatoes.  I had one for dinner and stuck the second one in the fridge.  I needed to use it.  I made sweet potato patties!  Or is it a sweet potato fritter?  The difference is simple.  Fritters are made with shredded raw potatoes.  Patties are made with cooked mashed potatoes.  In this case, a mashed sweet potato.

These are really too simple, but the must have ingredient is Pampered Chef’s three onion rub.  I use it as a seasoning blend on and in many things, but I don’t think this recipe would be the same without it.

Peel and mash a medium sized baked sweet potato.  Add one egg, a half teaspoon of salt and one Tablespoon of the three onion blend.  Mix it well.  Use a cookie scoop and drop balls of the mixture into the seasoned breadcrumbs.  (Important to note that these don’t have Italian seasoning in them.  Simple garlic, onion and parsley.)  Bread them all the way around and drop the balls into the pan for frying ... right in the oil left from frying the pork. Gently flatten the balls and turn them after a minute or two to brown the other side.  No additional seasoning is needed.

I served my pork fritters on buns with sweet mustard.  I added strips of a big white radish to my plate with the sweet potato patties.  This made a nice supper but would be equally delicious as breakfast or brunch with a poached egg!   Enjoy!


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