Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Black Bears came for Sunday Dinner!

I fix Sunday Dinner one time each month for my daughter, son-in-law and Miss Phoebe!  I started this tradition a couple years ago, but Covid slowed us down.  I'm not slowing down this year!  I've now had both doses of the vaccine and my family will have it as soon as they are allowed.

Our January Sunday Dinner was fun!  I set the table in a Black Bear theme and used a very special black bear as the centerpiece!  I carried this heavy wooden bear back from Portland, Oregon.  He sat on my lap on the airplane!  I had watched a guy carving the bears with a little chain saw.  My husband loved black bears, so I bought one for him!  Yes, I could have shipped him ... but it just seemed more appropriate to carry him home!

Red and Black Buffalo checks joined red and white and black and white checks to make a quite eclectic tablescape!  Phoebe and I shopped the house and took the checked trees from a winter vignette in the living room!  Phoebe helped me set the table, too ... but she argued with me about the placement of the knives!  Her mother sets the table properly for every meal, but I think she wanted to see just how far I'd let her go!  She finally gave in!  Teenagers!

Our place setting was warm an inviting.  The color red is always an inviting color to me!  My place mats are made from flannel.  What could be warmer?  The stoneware is about as casual as it comes!

The menu is has a unique theme.  Phoebe bought me a Downton Abbey cookbook for Christmas, so I wanted to use a couple recipes from it.  I'm posting weekly columns about foods named after important people, so I included Lady Curzon's soup.  There is a relationship between the real Lady Curzon and the fictional Lady Grantham.   Read about it RIGHT HERE!

The only turtle in the soup was the puff pastry turtle floating on the top!

Look how pretty the salmon is ... all wrapped in puff pastry!  I seasoned it with a maple flavored spice blend and it was delicious.

Our favorite cheesy potatoes are made with cheddar cheese, a little provel cheese and a good chunk of Velveeta!

I decided at the last minute to make grilled rolls of beef.  This was a thinly sliced sirloin roast, so in order to get some nice medium rare meat, I rolled and tied them. 

Who doesn't love Banana's Foster?  If you need the recipe, just click my new post at Bananas Foster!

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