Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Thanksgiving 2020

I don't set many extra elegant tables anymore! My family enjoys casual dining, and I enjoy piling all the food on the table and serving family style. Our 2020 Thanksgiving tablescape is traditionally friendly, pretty but easy going!

Phoebe helped me create this tablescape, but she wasn't crazy about my color combination.  My Johnson Brothers Turkey china lends itself to many colors, and this year I wanted pink, plum and blue.  Look for those colors through this post!

Our food was traditional with a few unusual dishes.  Phoebe and her mother did a virtual class with Food Network's Gullah chef from Charleston, South Carolina. I worked hard at teaching my daughter food cultures as she was growing up and she does the same thing with Phoebe.  Our Thanksgiving had a Gullah menu!

When we think of pralines, we think of New Orleans and my favor came from New Orleans.  Pralines are a part of the South Carolina Low Country and the Georgia Coastal cuisines, as well.  The most unusual addition to our menu was a green bean combination.  The beans are sauteed with bacon until the desired softness.  I added onions, fresh thyme and a little garlic, but at the end of cooking we added a couple dozen little clams and a cup of white wine.  Delicious!

Our place setting was very traditional!  My husband bought my Johnson Brothers china - 12 place settings of it - the year he invited several of his college student workers for Thanksgiving Dinner!  Joe always thought kids that couldn't go home for the holiday should still have a family to be with.  For a few years, our family hosted these kids.  

Instead of creating a centerpiece on our table, I created an end piece.  We composed using velvet and glass pumpkins, natural woven pumpkins, blue florals and the lady pilgrim that I've had for several years.

Lady Pilgrim's partner was set up on the opposite end of the table, joined with a ceramic turkey and more pumpkins!

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