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Comfort Food

Handkerchief Memories!

I have to admit that I swiped this cute idea from another blog!  I loved the idea of repurposing an old spoon display rack to this beautiful display rack for vintage handkerchiefs.  I had to look for a spoon rack, but I had plenty of handkerchiefs.  My mother had a few and I kept them.  My husband’s mother had several, and his grandmother left some that were still inside the birthday or Christmas card they were sent in.  Grandma Jones had relatives in multiple states, and it seemed to be a way for them to send a small gift.  I love that!

I created a Mother’s Day themed vignette in one of my favorite landing places!  The front porch offers views of my seriously overgrown rose bed, peony bush and soon to be clusters of day lilies!  I enjoy morning coffee and evening iced tea in that spot.  I planted some of those flowers 35 years ago, and I never dreamed I’d be confined to the house in 2020!  Did any of us?  I’m not planting annuals this year, so I am certainly going to enjoy my old favorites!

I found the spoon rack on eBay.  I have one, but not big enough for this project. I inserted one of Grandma Jones’ Blue Willow plates into the shelf on the spoon rack, just for fun!  I have an entire set of her china that was made in 1910 in Germany.  The handkerchiefs are easily inserted. They hang nicely.  No glue required!

You probably recognize Pioneer Woman pieces, I’m sure.  I'm a fan of her pieces like these scissors with the pretty floral handles.

The little handmade hot pad trivets are sold at a nearby Amish Market.  (I plan to make some of those, now that I’m retired!) 

I have many memories of pretty handkerchiefs!  My mother only used flowered handkerchiefs on Sundays! During the week, our handkerchiefs were white, and long after Kleenex started making boxes of tissues … we still used our cloth handkerchiefs! 

We always bought the prettiest Christmas handkerchief we could find and afford … for my Grandmother and for the elderly lady who lived across the street from us.  I had a Sunday School teacher when I was in the third grade, that hand tatted lace edges on handkerchiefs.  She gave me one for my birthday, and I still have it.  I think it qualifies as an antique!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you get to celebrate in some special way, even if you just spend a little time reminiscing. 

Stay home … stay safe … stay well.

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