Last Bouquet of the Season!

Here are our last flowers of the season!  We've had a couple freezing nights, but some of my roses are sheltered a little bit, so I still had a few blooms today! Phoebe's herb garden is still producing, too! Beautiful leaves are falling from the Maple, Oak, Ash and Sweet Gum trees in my yard ... and our "bird feed shrubs" as my husband always called them ... add beautiful red and orange berries to the mix. The squirrels and chipmunks are really working hard gathering acorns, so I suspect we are headed for a bad winter and all those bird feed shrubs will be well used! I love bringing a little of the outside inside!

The purple and green flowers from the Basil plants add a nice scent to the boquet!

These two precious tiny pink rosebuds will open overnight and remind me of the warm sunny days of June when they first start blooming!

I'll still have these vibrant orange berries for a Thanksgiving tablescape!

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A New Magazine!

You asked for it! A new series of online magazines to feed your creativity! You'll find good food and great ideas to entertain your family and friends! Hope you enjoy the tablescapes, ideas for celebrations, recipes and a pinch of food history!