Autumn Jars!

The moment I saw painted dimensional leaves on a jar at this site, I knew it was a project that Phoebe and I could do together! We also invited her mama to participate! So, I purchased the supplies we needed; used a 40% off coupon from JoAnne Fabrics when I bought the jars ... and we started making what turned out to be some really nice gifts.  We made 6 purple quart jars and 6 green pint jars!

The process is easy.  You just spread the dimensional goop across a stencil. We used plastic knives. After letting that dry for 24 hours, we painted the leaves. The final step before putting the bows on and filling them with silk leaves and flowers was to brush a little glitter paint over the leaves.  Phoebe especially liked the glitter paint step!  I think we did a great job!

 Here's how I used mine!

One of my bathrooms is papered with autumn leaves on burgundy! I have had this paper for 25 years and I don't plan to change it!  So the leaf enhanced jars had to go in that room for sure!  The pumpkin is Temptations and the other day, I lifted the lid and found it full of bubble water!  When I asked Phoebe about it, she told me that MeMutt (our dog) suggested that she do it!  She said he used his nose to touch the big jar of bubbles on the counter, then touched the pumpkin with his paw. I didn't think he was that smart!

I'll be sharing this post with some of the parties on my sidebar, so make sure you click through to see the other posts!  Hope you are enjoying autumn!

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