Who is Debbie Moore?


Things have changed in my life in the past year!  I have a job that takes me back to my earliest part of my career, when I helped manage a skilled nursing facility. In April 2016, I became employed by a company that owns 13 nursing homes ... and I handle marketing ... and that includes managing a big website, 13 mini websites and 13 Facebook pages!  Wow!  The best part of my job is that ... everything I do ... enhances the lives of the thousand elderly people who live in our nursing communities!  I love where I am at this point in my life!

The other part of my life that has changed since I launched this blogsite ... is Phoebe!  Look how she has grown!  She is ten years old now ... and in this picture is ready for a dance competition.

She is beautiful.


I'm a very happy semi-retired grandmother! I spent 40 years in a professional career, most of which was devoted to the tourism industry. Now I have a not-for-profit agency that I set up so I could continue to work in the tourism industry, developing more tourism attractions and businesses ... and working to train and educate the tourism workforce!

In all the years that I worked, I always said my most important jobs were wife and mother. The career came second and life was well balanced!

After 35 years of marriage, I lost my husband a few years ago and miss him desperately. Life goes on, however, and I have a constant reminder that I need to continue to do all the things that keep a family healthy and happy! Her name is Phoebe and she is my
main partner in everything fun and exciting!  You'll see lots of pictures of Phoebe on my blog ... and you will quickly find out just how important she is ... to me!

I've written four cookbooks ... authored a couple newspaper cooking columns ... still free lance for a magazine called Life & Style ... love to entertain ... am an excellent cook ... and hate to clean house! I love crafting and sewing ... and depend on my Cricut to help me out!

I love my dogs! Junior helps with dinner parties ... He's always under my feet and is pictured with me in this post! MeMutt, also known as, Jimmy Mutt ... is less talented than Junior ... but he is a happy boy!

I hope you'll love this blog site ... and visit often! You can contact me via email and I always encourage my visitors to leave comments!

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