Phoebe's Sew-er!

December is a busy month!  Phoebe's birthday falls right before Christmas and it seems like we party the whole month long!  We held Phoebe's party at her favorite Chinese restaurant.  She has been eating noodles at "Mr. San's" restaurant since she was old enough to eat! She loves noodles so much ... she is nicknamed "Noodle"!  So, this year, my daughter issued invitations to family and friends to join us for "Noodle's birthday ... to eat noodles at Hunan" ... What fun!

The Birthday Girl had asked for a theme of rainbows and snowmen. What a combination! She even told us what she wanted her cake to look like and that she wanted peppermint icing. I have to say she gets her party planning creativity honestly! Her mama used Olaf and a rainbow in the invitation she designed, so the theme developed from that!  

I used the same graphics for the favors.  I bagged the 'snowman soup' combination of hot chocolate mix, candy canes and chocolates. I was lucky enough to find hot chocolate that had rainbow colored marshmallows with it, and the candy canes were rainbow colors, too.

I made some easy centerpieces by using my small hurricanes with flameless candles.  I had rainbow colored beads in the bottom and used my Cricut to cut big paper snowflakes from rainbow paper.  I added more candy, of course.

We didn't overdo the decorating, because by the time the wooden boats of appetizers were added to the tables, there wasn't too much extra room. I used a few yards of rainbow fabric to make a runner for the banquet table and Nicole created a cute end piece using Olaf!

All kids love to open their presents!  Please notice the picture in the upper right of this collage.  We saved that gift for last. My dog, MeMutt, gave Phoebe a bag of thread and remnant fabrics. ... because ... I gave her a sewing machine!  She watches me sew and had begged for one. I found out that the college kids studying design actually carry this machine to class, so I got her one, and we've had our first lesson!  She yelled, "Grandma, you got me a sew-er!"

I think it is possible that the adults at this party had more fun than the kids! It really seems like just a week ago, that we were all sitting around waiting for her arrival, but it has been eight years, and every day has been filled with joy because of Phoebe!  

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