Blue Grapes for Autumn!

I have always loved this Metlox pattern "Sculptured Grapes" in blue ... but I sure don't need anything added to my vast collection of dinnerware!  I had vowed ... since I've been selling dinnerware for the last two years ... to buy no more! Then I walked into our Goodwill store one early summer day and saw this ...

The coffee pot, sugar, creamer, 4 salad plates and a 14 inch platter were priced at $35. I was good and passed it by. I did go home and check the online price of the coffee pot, realizing it would cost more than the price for all the dishes at Goodwill. The next time I went in, there it was in the glass cabinet ... still. This time it was priced at $8. I was sure that was a mistake or that each piece was $8, so I asked. Home it came ... all for $8.00 ... and the summer of 2014 became the summer of the quest for Metlox blue grapes ... but only at 'junkin' prices!

Here's the end result!

The secondary theme for this tablescape became 'baskets'! I was in the mood for a combination of blues, green and beige and the baskets fit right in! I have more baskets than any human needs, but I did not have any corn husk place mats. Be careful where you buy those because they are sometimes very pricey. Not so at Walmart ... just $2.99 each.

This little salad/dessert bowl is the Button pattern ... could be Federal glass or Anchor Hocking. I have lots of this pattern from the 70s.  The blue iced tea glass is Fostoria in the Jamestown pattern and the small clear wine glass is the perfect size for dessert wine ... bigger than a cordial but smaller than a wine glass!

This pretty centerpiece came from one of my favorite junkin' stops ... and all I had to do was add the blue dahlias and the flameless candle!

My sunroom is going to be filled with blue pumpkins in a few days and I'll post about that, but in the meantime take a look at these cute little blues tucked in under the centerpiece.

Take a look at the embroidered leaves and vines on the table runner. I found that at TJM a few weeks ago ... nothing to match it ... but I thought the corn husk placemats would be perfect and I always have napkins that match because I have drawers filled with napkins from 35 years of dinner parties!

The various baskets on the table are shown in the collage below ... the centerpiece is in a basket ... the place mats ... the beverage service is placed on a big basket tray and the potpourri is sitting in a basket tray.

Hope you enjoyed the sculptured grapes! I had a good time collecting enough to set the table ... and serve a nice meal. I'll be sharing this post with a few parties ... so make sure you click through to visit the other posts. Take a look at my home page first and you might be interested in my daughter's frugal cooking blog shown in my sidebar. Be sure you check back in a week or so to see the rest of my blue pumpkins!

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