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Comfort Food

Ugly Ornies!

I don't have much time to spend making ornaments for my empty baskets or bowls, but I sure like the way those cute little ornies look in everybody's posts! What I do have plenty of ... are empty baskets hanging around the house, and even though I try to avoid buying more ... sometimes I just can't help myself!  In a recent junkin' adventure, I found this cute flat basket with a handle ... and I was taken by the woven pattern at the base of the handle.  I was also taken by the price of just one dollar!

Since I wanted the basket to be the main feature in this little vignette, I didn't want it to overflow! In the same jaunt, I found a glass-topped Ball canning jar ... and it seemed appropriate to add it.  I filled it with some fall votive candles, so I would remember to use them! (Yes, I'm the worst about buying and hiding things from myself!)   I added a wooden spool of burlap ribbon ...

A few months ago, I found this old wine jug at an antique mall and it just jumped into my arms.  My German grandfather used to make his own wine and he had lots of these lined up in the basement!  I'm filling it with wine corks.  I put it on the coffee table with the new ugly ornies!  The ornies are simple little no-sew pumpkins.  Just cut your fabric into squares and sinch up the top.  I stuffed mine with polyfill, but I've been know to fill pumpkins with styrofoam popcorn.  Pull the 4 corners together to make the stem. I wrapped the stems with jute twine and used burlap ribbon to make one of the stems.  I did sew the burlap ribbon, but you could easily glue it.

I'm always glad that I have stashes of fabric scraps and craft supplies, when I get in the mood to make something!  My drawers are overflowing ... even though my little basket isn't!

I might share this post with some of these parties, so make sure you click through to see the other posts.  First ... visit my home page to see what else I've been doing.  I'm going to post a couple more craft projects this week, so come back and see me!

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