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Easter at Grandma Debbie's!

For a couple week,s Phoebe and I talked about baking some cookies for Easter and she declared that we should bake 105 cookies!   She is big on the number '5'!   So, I got out the trusty cookie shooter, knowing that one recipe would make about 100 cookies!   We made cute little oval shaped 'blue eggs' and dipped one end in simple white glaze.   We also baked a batch of cookies from the seasonal and new pink lemonade cookie mix.   I've gotten attached to some of the cookie mixes ... which is unusual for an old scratch cook like me!   Phoebe's job was to decorate the tops of the cookies with Easter sprinkles of green grass and colored eggs, but she went a little overboard on a few!  They were beautiful!

Here's a collage of our Easter tablescape.   I bought this china pattern that is delicate lilac colored pansies years ago to use at the Sunday afternoon party I had for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary, which is March 30th.  I get them out almost every year for Easter dinner and mix them with my collection of china odds and ends that feature paintings of tiny violets.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope springtime is treating you well.  Today, I'll be spending lots of time in the yard and enjoying every warm minute of it!