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Love this Picture

I love this picture!  My daughter and I were at a conference, attending a social function in a comedy club.  The conference photographer wanted to take pictures, but the place was so dark, he couldn't get many!  We just held the candle up ... and here's the result!   Yes, we look a little bit alike, but PhD daughter is much smarter than her mama!   We love working together, though.  I frequently visit her classes ... she teaches Hospitality and Tourism Administration ... and I'm an 'old' expert ...  The college students can't believe how much alike we are!
We have fun!


  1. That is a neat pic! Sounds like a fun night:@)

  2. What a beautiful photo! Nothing like a beautiful mother-daughter team to share life's moments. You look like sisters, though! xo

  3. Great photo you could tell you were having fun.


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