Mr. Owl Has Lived with Us for 35 Years!

I recently made a run to one of my favorite places ... a collectible shop that supports a small community museum.   I donate a few things to the shop from time to time ... but generally buy more to bring home!  My daughter and I loaded up on lots of things to use in our autumn decorating.   Then we decided that we should take lots of pictures that can be posted to let people know how neat the shop is!  So, this Shannon crystal candle holder in the Dublin pattern was a good buy!  I filled it with faux pumpkins.  In the middle picture, the little "cage" came from the shop and cost me a whole dollar!  It looks equally cute with faux pumpkins!

I have finally found the beaded fringe I want to glue to my little lampshades on my antique lamps.  The next time you see them, they'll be "adorned" with some glitz!  Mr. Owl will like them better!

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