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It's Victoria Tuesday!

Hope you enjoy my Victoria post!   I enjoyed putting it together ... and love any excuse to get out the good china.  Don't forget to click through the blue Victoria favicon ... scroll down to find it on the lower left ... You'll enjoy your visit to other great Victoria posts!


  1. hello there! I love Young Victoria! It came to a theater 1 hour away and I missed the opportunity to see it! I then received it for Mother's day and plan a tribute in the future myself! What a wonderful love story. I am so thrilled you joined me today for Victoria- A Return to Loveliness blog party! Your presence just added sparkle!
    Hope you have a Delightsome day,

  2. Hi! I traveled about two hours to go watch the Young Victoria at the cinema since it wasn't widely distributed in the big cinemas. And I am glad I did because it was still as lovely in the TV, it was breathtaking in the big screen. Not sure if you have heard the soundtrack but it is beautiful too.

  3. Your tea setting is wonderful - love the addition of the carousel. The tea towels are pretty and a nice gift to receive.


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