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Friday, May 13, 2011

Celebrity Chef Party!

I'm participating in the Celebrity Chef party at Happier than a Pig in Mud!  Make sure you click through to see all the other posts.

I like Paula Deen ... love the boys ... love the fact hat she includes her family in her television shows ... like her most because she cooks like normal people cook.  When her show  first came on the air, my (retired) husband was glued to it!  We love Savannah, so all her references to the area helped us relive some wonderful vacations!  I'd come home from work and Big Daddy would tell me all about he show  and share the recipes he thought I'd like.  It was probably three months before I ever got to see one of the shows myself! 

Because we love pickled okra, Big Daddy insisted that I make these for a dinner party appetizer.  They couldn't be simpler ... and we make them frequently ... because even people who don't like okra, like these! 
Some of our restaurant management students made hundreds of these for a wine tasting event.  600 people gobbled them up!

Paula's Pickled Okra Appetizers

Trim the crusts from white sandwich bread slices.  Use a small cutting board or the back of a skillet and press the air out of each piece of bread.  Spread cream cheese on the bread and roll up a spear of pickled okra in each piece.  Cut on the diagonal to reveal the inside of the okra ... sprinkle with parsley.

I use onion/chive sour cream ... spreadable ... and I sprinkle cayenne pepper or chipotle pepper on them.  These are fabulous! 
Thanks Paula Deen!

Thanks, Lynn (and Earl) for hosting this great party! 
Love those TV chefs!


  1. Oh,gosh, wish I had one of those pickled okra appetizers right now. They ARE delicious and I'd forgotten about that recipe. Thanks, and maybe I'll have just one more. Yum,

  2. I've never tried pickled okra Debbie! I've had it in gumbos and love it! This looks great, love the smooshed bread:@) Thanks so much for playing along, Happy Weekend!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of this recipe. I like how you used the cream cheese/chive spread to speed up the process of making these.

  4. Pickled Okra sounds very interesting!


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