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Friday, May 13, 2011

D is for Dandelion Greens!

It's Alphabet Thursday time and I want to introduce any newcomers to Dandelion Greens!  Make sure you click through to see all the other posts, too!

Maybe you dislike dandelions.  Most people do.  They clutter your lawn with unwanted splotches of bright yellow!  I love them.  Why?  I'm not too particular about what grows in my lawn and I love to watch children blow the seeds all over!

Dandelion comes from the French dent de lion, which means "tooth of the lion", referring to the sharp tooth-like leaves.  In other folk cultures, the term piss-a-bed is commonly used ... to represent the diuretic effect the roots have!  The plants have been around forever, and have been used in folk medicines just as long ... mainly to treat urinary tract infections.

Dandelions ... the roots, flowers and the greens ... have been used in many culinary ways.   Dandelion coffee, tea, wine ... are all wonderful!  At our house, we throw an occasional handful of greens in fresh salads or with wilted salads.  The sharp peppery taste is a complement to other greens.  They are great to toss into those late  spring soups ... or under fried or poached eggs for springtime brunch.   A handful wilted with a little balsamic vinegar are perfect atop a bleu cheese burger or a provel burger like this one!   The sharp distinct taste of the greens is great with the mild provel cheese.

Helpful hints ...
  • don't pick dandelion greens from a lawn that has been chemically treated ... not a good idea
  • Clean them well ... could still have a little bird doo doo on them!
  • The smaller they are the more tender they are
  • If they are large, stew them in a simmering water, then drain them well ... finish them by sauteing in olive oil with chopped onion, minced garlic ... and dry red pepper.



  1. I knew dandelions could be eaten, but I didn't know of the medicinal purpose of the plant. I, too, like you love to watch little children blow the dandelion seeds across the lawn. This was something I was fond of as a child, too. Now to wait for grandkids to do this again.

    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's post ...
    Alphabe-Thursday & Other Memes

  2. My grandmother used to cook dandelion greens! And of course, we all blew those seeds all over the yard!!

  3. Oh, that blue cheese burger looks great!

    My husband always pulls dandelions, and I'm always kinda sorry he does...


  4. I haven't tried them yet! They look great on your wonderful burger.

  5. Thanks for this post; it brought me back in time. My grandmother used to make salads and teas out of dandelions all the time. I remember what a special treat it was when she'd share. She used to eat the flowers too, but I never tried them...

  6. I've seen them used in tea, but never considered them as toppings. I have a garden in the front yard! {:-D

  7. I have wondered how to prepare those. I have to try it. I wonder what they taste like in tea.

  8. My grandmother always made these in the spring. They flavor is so strong...sometimes watercress reminds me of it a bit. It would take us hours to fill a dishpan full of tiny little dandelion leaves. We were always so sad when it seemed like there was only a teacup full when they cooked down.

    This was a delightful post...and your burger made me hungry!

    Sorry you lost some of your comments, too, but thank you for linking anyway.



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