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W is for Wagon

I'm posting with the Alphabet party, so make sure you click through the favicon on the right to visit the other posts!

My dad was a carpenter and a builder of fine cabinets ... and wagons and carts and anything that a four-legged creature could pull.  He loved his horses ... ponies ... and at least a few goats ... and he loved his kids and grandkids!  In this slide show, you'll see my dad and my brother (who inherited his affection for animals and has been able to copy his expert skills) ... and a couple generations of kids ... riding in these wagons.  Everything you'll see, except an antique doctor's buggy, was built by my dad and/or my brother.

I love to say that we grew up in a great family ... we had everything "that money could NOT buy"!  My dad could build anything and he would cut down harness to fit goats ... and he could teach anything to pull a wagon. 

W is for wagon ... and we had lots of them!  Enjoy and make sure you click my home page to see my other posts!  Happy Alphabet Thursday!


  1. How wonderful!Your father and brother very talented. My post was about a wagon as well.~Ames

  2. What fun! Loved watching the wagons...and what an assortment!

  3. you must have fond memories of wagons! Fun slideshow! {:-Deb

  4. lovely wagon ..it certainly record family love.

  5. Was that you in the little red dress?

    Your Dad was obviously an artist. I love the proportions of his workmanship. Those wagons are totally wonderful.

    The way you did the slideshow was clever, too.

    Thanks for linking.

    This was such a sweet stop. I am still thinkin of the little girl in the red dress.


  6. Awe, Mom...you had to include the photo of me crying? Lol...that brought back memories, for sure!


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