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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tomato Tart with Cheese Custard

I've had the most wonderful cherry tomatoes from the CSA .. all colors and sizes and finally decided to make a tart with some of them.  I learned from experience, that the best tomato tarts include tomatoes, which have had most of the juice squeezed out of them.  Cutting my little tiny tomatoes in half and squeezing them gently over a bowl ... accomplished that.

For the crust, I used a packaged piece of puff pastry.  This is found in the refrigerator section of the supermarket ... not frozen.

It is very easy to use ... Simply unroll it onto a sprayed baking sheet. I just rolled the edges ... didn't really crimp them.

I filled the pastry with cheese custard. It is really easy ... whip 2 eggs with 1 cup of half and half and 1/2 cup of sour cream.  Whip in 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese and another 1/2 cup of Swiss cheese or Mozzarella.

Then I somewhat carefully placed my tomato halves into the custard.

I sprinkled more shredded cheese over the top and included several pieces of Basil.  Notice the purple basil flowers ... I use those, too!

Bake this at 400 degrees for approximately 35 minutes.  Once the cheese starts browning on the top, it is ready.

Let it cool at least 15 minutes before removing it to a cutting board and cutting it into pieces.  This is perfect for appetizers, brunch or lunch.  It is best served warm or at room temperature, but be sure to refrigerate the left overs

I'll be sharing this post with some of the parties listed in my sidebar.  Stick around my home page for awhile, though ... You might find something else you like!  Enjoy fresh tomatoes while the season is flourishing!

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