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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grilled Cabbage!

I have always loved cooked cabbage ...even when I was a little kid. Smelling it cooking from my German grandmother's house would lure me down the street for a visit and plate filled with her food! My parents built a house just a block away from their parents ... Mother's German parents lived on the north side of the street and Daddy's Scotch-Irish father lived on the south side!

Grandma Schuster cooked differently than my mom ... because my dad wasn't fond of "one-potters"! So, for that cabbage cooked with pork ribs or a ham bone, I had to go down the street! My husband, however, loved "one-potters" and cooked cabbage (in a variety of ways) was one of his favorites!  So, when it became so popular to grill  cabbage, I jumped on that bandwagon!

It is so easy to do ... just cut the cabbage in half to one inch "steaks" ... drizzle them with your favorite olive oil ... and grill each side. The firmer the cabbage, the longer it takes ... but my cabbage was a small head of Savoy (from the CSA) and it took less than five minutes for both sides.

I also grilled a small egg shaped egg plant ... the cute little purple striped variety. I drizzled it with lemon flavored olive oil ... and this particular variety doesn't soak up as much of the oil, so I got pretty grill marks!

With all that healthy food, I added my "once a month" baked potato to the menu and ... as always ... grilled the steaks medium rare!

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