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Monday, January 2, 2012

Wintertime Tabletops!

I didn't post much during the holiday season, but wanted to share some of my wintertime tabletops!   I hate taking down Christmas decorations, so this year I decided to use some things that are "winter decor" ... that I can take down when I'm ready to!   I might not be ready for a couple months!  

Let's start with the hallway bathroom!   Maybe you saw this cute shower curtain with matching towels at Kohl's.  I thought it would look great and I topped the curtain with a thick poinsettia and pine cone garland that matched the wreath on the bathroom door.

I used snow ladies in the bathroom, all decked out in their fur coats!  Black bear lives in the bathroom, but he is happy to have some wintertime friends!   A corner arrangement was an easy composition and includes battery operated strands of lights.

 The living room is easy to decorate for Christmas, because I have so much red in that room to begin with!   A simple arrangement, which is also lighted with a strand of battery operated lights, sits on a stack of my husband's leather cigar boxes.
My husband's bronze cowboys are all over the house, but this one stands guard over a hurricane filled with red glittery ornaments and surrounded with a wreath of berries.

 Daughter gave me this cute wine glass for Christmas.  It says "nice" on one wide and "naughty" on the other side.  It's too cute to drink out of, so I added it to one of my wine tabletops, with a flameless candle inside.
This low table is one of my favorite collection points for seasonal decor.  The cluster of flameless candles sits there all the time, but I add ribbon or fabric strips to them, to flow through the seasons.  I inherited the love of clocks ... all clocks ... from my father ... and love this little cluster.

Lastly,  I'll show you one of my favorite pictures ... again!   My husband was so fascinated by Miss Phoebe's tiny little fingers and from the first moment he held her, he began teaching her how to count her fingers!   I think that must be what accountants do!   As a result, she always clutched his big fingers, while he sang her to sleep.   She's about a month old in this picture ... and now she's five and sings herself to sleep! 
I'm posting with Tabletop Tuesday, so make sure you click through to enjoy the other posts.   

Happy January!


  1. Hey Deb, wishing you a happy and bright New Year! Your house looks festive and happy. I leave Christmasy stuff up til the 6th, this year, thanks to blogging, I am decorating a little for winter - my least favorite season. But I am seeing beauty in things I never saw before. xo

  2. Love your wonderful winter decor! The bathroom is so pretty and I want to decorate mine now! I love winter decor in my home and have gone from Santa to Snowmen!

  3. Lovely decor Debbie. I love that lamp and the candles are all lovely. Happy New Year!

  4. Everything looks so warm and inviting!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Such beautiful vignette. I love the collection of clocks. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty


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