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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Autumn Leaves, One More Time!

It seemed a little appropriate to have coffee outside the day we raked leaves ... I'd like to say for the last time this season ... but that isn't true.  I'm getting ready to rake again ... and in February, the Oak tree will finally drop all its leaves ... so we'll rake again!

I wanted to share photographs of part of my Syracuse china in the Woodbine pattern ... Woodbine is a kind of Honeysuckle ... but it doesn't really look much like ours in Southern Illinois!

On Sunday, December 5th ... I'll start posting Christmas pictures ... so check back to see tablescapes and decorations. 

I'm linking with Tablescape Thursday ... so click through the icon on the left to visit Susan's party!   As always, special thanks to our hostess!


  1. I love that pattern and would love that coffee pot. There's just something about a nice service like that that makes even coffee or tea special.

  2. Beautiful china and what a lovely day for eating outside (even if it did involve the dread leave raking!).

  3. Beautiful colors in your china! I'll bet you can come up with a million and one tablescapes to complement them! Lucky you!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Debbie, that is a beautiful pattern with the soft aqua and browns.

  5. Love the pattern...Thanks for sharing!

  6. Now you've really taken raking leaves to the next level...way to make it an event and not so much of a chore. Thank you for sharing your lovely china. Cherry Kay


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